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Knights N' Swords A Joust at Best's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Knights N' Swords A Joust at Best

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Introduction [18 Nov 2004|03:11pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hi Folks,
I saw this in sword_talkand thought I would check it out. My alias is "temper" as in 'the temper of a sword' and I work with both performance and historical sword techniques. Since you want this entry to be of a "knightly" content. I'd recommend checking out
Higgins Armory Museum
The cloisters
Leeds Armoury
Sword Forum
and my favorite jousters:
Knights of Valour (website down)
I have a lot more but don't want your eyes to roll back in your head. ;-)

My current favorite weapons are the rapier and the shortsword and I syill have plenty of study left to do (a lifetime) It makes me happy to see women interested in sword work becauseI think we get a bum rep.
Anyway, happy to join and see you all online!

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[26 Oct 2004|04:47pm]

It's been a while since I've added to the community and I've noticed an influx of members and I'd like to say welcome. Feel free to post swords, weapons, poetry, myths legends, old songs, clothing manufacturing, textiles, food, anything that floats your boat as long as it has a tad bit of old world flare I'm happy. And feel free to ask a friend to join.And if anyone wants to make banners or icons contact me @ warriormaiden@gmail.com . Thank you.
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Sword and Fist [29 Sep 2004|09:14pm]

Just a posting of a fist full of swords, because the Warrior Maiden requested it. (the swords not the fist).

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Swords are us [31 Aug 2004|05:46pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

From the dawn of time we came; moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the Gathering; when the few who remain will battle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you... until now.

One Goddess sword, one Viking sword and one claymore.
Anyone fancy a duel?

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Ragnell [08 Aug 2004|07:06pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

"Ah, Sir Gawain, since I have married you,
Show me a little courtesy in bed.
You cannot rightfully deny me that.
Indeed, Sir Gawain," the lady said,
If I were beautiful,
You would act a bit differently.
But you take no heed of marriage.
Still, for Arthur's sake, kiss me at least.
I ask that you do it,
So we can see how you manage."

Sir Gawain said, "I will do more
Than kiss, I swear to God!"
So he turned…
And saw she was
The fairest creature alive.
"Jesus!" he said. "What are you?"

"Sir, I am certainly your wife.
Why are you unkind to me?"

"Ah, lady, I am to blame.
I ask you mercy, fair madam.
I hadn't realized. You are so beautiful,
And earlier you were the ugliest woman
I have ever seen.
I am happy, lady, to see you thus."
So he embraced her in his arms
And began to kiss her
And made great joy, certainly.

"Sir," she said, "thus shall you have me.
By God, choose one--for my beauty will not hold.
Choose whether you will have me
Beautiful in the nights
And as ugly in the days, when men see me,
Or else have me beautiful in the day
And the ugliest woman in the nights.
One or the other you must have. Choose.
Choose, sir knight, which is more important
To your honor."

"Alas!" said Gawain, "the choice is hard.
Choosing the best is difficult.
I don't know what to choose.
To have you beautiful
At night and no more,
That would grieve my heart.
And I would lose my reputation.
But if I choose to have you beautiful in the day,
Then at night I would have slim pickings.
Now, gladly would I choose the best,
But I don't know what in the world to say.
Choose what you think best, happy lady.
The choice I put into your hand.
Do as you want, as you choose.
Untie me when you will, for I am bound.
I give the decision to you.
Body, possessions, heart and everything,
It is all yours, to buy and sell.
This I swear to God."

"Thank you, courteous knight," said the lady.
Of all the earth's knights, may you be blessed.
For now I am worshipped.
You shall have me beautiful both day and night,
And always I shall be fair and bright.
Therefore, grieve not,
For I was transformed through necromancy
By my stepmother, God have mercy on her.
She changed me by enchantment
From my true form--
Until the best of England
Had truly married me
And given me sovereignty
Over his body and all his goods.
Thus I was deformed,
And you, sir knight, courteous Gawain,
Have given me sovereignty indeed.
Never will you be sorry for that.
Kiss me, sir knight, right now,
I pray you. Be glad and make good cheer.
For all has turned out well."

Then they had joy beyond imagination,
The natural way of two people alone.
She thanked God and Mary
That she was recovered from her ugliness.
And so did Sir Gawain.
He made mirth in her bedroom
And gave many thanks to our savior, I can tell you.
With joy and mirth they stayed awake all night.

*********The complete story is in the above link***********

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Claymores!! [19 Jul 2004|07:49am]

[ mood | Alba Gu Brath ]

Before you read this, you should open this link, and listen as you read this entry. Now....


Claymore is Gaelic for "Claidheamh mór" (say it really fast, and it sounds like "claymore") which means: "Great Sword" Or as I translate it into: "Big Fucker"

The one I own is a replica from the movie "Braveheart" since hollywood swords are my interest. Funny thing is that the one from the movie looks nothing like real sword William Wallce used against the english: 


After Wallace was captured in 1305 he was imprisoned at Dumbarton Castle by it's Governor, Sir John Menteith, until his execution.  The sword was kept at Dumbarton Castle as a "prize".  The sword remained there for 600 years until it was transferred to the National Wallace Monument in 1888.   The sword has been "liberated" a few times in it's life, but was always found or returned thankfully.  It weighs about 6.5 pounds and the blade is original.  The hilt and pommel were replaced in 1505 by a blacksmith under King James IV. And there are no records to what the original hilt looked like. Some say it had a rounded guard which would be right given the era of sword.  The leather grip was replaced more recently in 1825 at the Tower of London where it was sent for repair.  The blade measures 3 feet 4 inches, but at one time measured about a foot longer!  This difference in length is due to repairs (fracture and re-welding).  William Wallace must have been a very large individual to carry (much less use) such a weapon.


BTW- the term "Alba Gu Brath" means: "Kill the bastards!"

Every year we attend the Central Florida Scottish Fest, and I head right towards the weapons tent to find a good bargin (haven't found one yet, but have found some awesome looking swords). Another area I look for is a family of sword/weapon makers who give talks, and show how weapons of the time were used. I have learned more about weapons from them then anywhere else.


But as far as regular Claymores, the swords refer to the two-handed broadsword that was used by the Scottish Highlanders against the English in the 16th century. Be sure not to confuse Claymore swords with a Basket-hilt broadsword as both have been known by the same name since the late 1700s.

Claymore swords were created out of necessity and Scottish ingenuity. With no cavalry of their own when fighting for independence from England, the Scots developed Claymore swords as an equalizer. Traditionally, the first few inches of the blade were wrapped in leather and held in one hand and swung like a scythe at horsemen.

In the early 17th century, the Claymore was re-tooled. The blade was lengthened and was closer to 50 inches, making the sword almost 6 feet. This is the blade that became part of the Scottish culture and was used in many wars.

Claymores are still used in battle today, just not as a sword. The claymore mine was invented during the Vietnam War and has since been distributed and copied throughout the world.   It can be either tripwire detonated or command detonated. It gets placed on the ground standing up. Not under the dirt, and when it goes off, it will kill everything within 15 meters.


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Field Point Blank [17 Jul 2004|04:46pm]


\Arch"er*y\, n. [OE. archerie.] 1. The use of the bow and arrows in battle, hunting, etc.; the art, practice, or skill of shooting with a bow and arrows.

I know that we were doing stuff with a bow and arrow earlier today, but I'm not sure that Webster would forgive us if we called it "archery".

I brought home from Georgia some bows that my dad had given me, and I wanted to try them out. I hadn't been able to do so because the only kind of arrows that he had were broadpoints, so sharp that they could blow the kidneys out of a goddamn boarhog. I initially had four bows, but I gave the compound to Vince as a going away gift... and because I can't use a compound bow worth shit. I kept these three:

One was the practice bow I had as a kid, and the second is this simple, yet bizarre recurve that someone gave my dad. The third... is this monster recurve that my dad had barely ever used, maybe during the few times we went outside and potshotted rabbits or whatever, and he didn't feel like using his compound.

Needless to say, I wanted to try out the third bow. I remember using it once before back at the house in GA with broadheads, but the first arrow I shot was embedded about four inches into a tree. That was enough discouragement for me. I should have had this incident in ready recall today when I chose a second target setup (our first was a cardboard box, which was quickly decimated). Needless to say, the particle board didn't last long. I had no idea the bow was that strong, and since we were using dull field points, I didn't think we could really do any damage.

So we switched to plywood, which seemed to do the trick. It was a sheet I had used before on knife practice, so there was no question of liability or durability. It was a board made for getting it's ass kicked, and that is that. It handled the task fairly well.

Bob takes aim.
Guess what I'm aiming for?

I was going to post this on my own journal, but I figured it that, given it's singular subject and the nature thereof, it should go here. Maybe Bob could do a small writeup on medieval arching and it's place in the chivalric military at some later interval... who knows. Anyway, my fingers hurt like hell, I gotta go now.
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[13 Jul 2004|07:51pm]

[ mood | got "THE" bug ]

Glad Corey told me about this place!!! I'll be posting some pic's of my own swords/weapons very soon!!!!!





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Zatoichi: Blind Justice [13 Jul 2004|01:25am]

[ mood | calm ]

I hate that cliche, I truly do.

Hey. This is my first entry into this community. I'm not totally into the Dark Ages of Anglo-Saxon Europe, but I do have a fondness for collecting cutlery, despite my "negative cash flow situation". The sword of which I would like to write about is a straight-blade katana with a most unusual design, and a weapon made known by the fictional blind Japanese vigilante swordsman, Zatoichi.

Zatoichi was simply a gambler and a drifter when he wasn't whupping samurai ass, so when he traveled, he needed to keep his sword concealed. His weapon also had to accomodate his supposed striking style, which was a type of iai, I guess. Iai usually means the act or art of drawing the blade... nothing more, nothing less. Obviously, creative liberties had been taken with the concept of this practice, and in Zatoichi's case, he had the art down to being able to draw, slice, and resheath in almost an instant. Therefore, for misdirection purposes, and because the tsuba would get in the way of making a clean grip for a quick draw, he had his sword disguised as a blindman's cane.

This style of sword can usually be noticed by the fact that it has no tsuba (duh), and the scabbard and hilt are uniform from top to bottom, with few adornments. It's blade was supposed to about as strong as other katanas, that is to say, not very. But then again, it was only for one cut dispatchment, so it's a bit of a moot point.

I dig the zato because it is a strange-looking katana, no curved blade or telling adornments. It sits quietly in it's wooden sheath, serving a helpful purpose until it's other duty calls upon it to be a force of violence. It's a nifty duality, I think.

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Test [29 Apr 2004|01:15am]

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Somedays.... [27 Mar 2004|05:37pm]

[ mood | sad ]

I wonder if this community was a mistake =(.
God please make this community grow so it becomes what I dreamt it to be. Please God hear my prayer.

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Chivalry [03 Dec 2003|08:09pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Modern Chivalry
In modern times Hagen's teachings have been expanded:
Administer justice.
Always keep one's word of honour.
Always maintain one's principles.
Avenge the wronged.
Avoid cheating.
Avoid deception.
Avoid lying to your fellow man.
Avoid torture.
Be polite and attentive.
Be respectful of host, women, and honour.
Crush the monsters that steal our land and rob our people.
Defend the weak and innocent.
Destroy evil in all of its monstrous forms.
Die with honour.
Die with valour.
Exhibit Courage in word and deed.
Exhibit manners.
Exhibit self-control.
Fight for the ideals of king, country, and chivalry.
Fight with honour.
Live for freedom, justice and all that is good.
Live one's life so that it is worthy of respect and honour.
Live to defend Crown and Country and all it holds dear.
Live to serve King and Country.
Loyalty to country, King, honour, freedom, and the code of chivalry.
Loyalty to one's friends and those who lay their trust in thee.
Never abandon a friend, ally, or noble cause.
Never attack an unarmed foe.
Never attack from behind.
Never betray a confidence or comrade.
Never use a weapon on an opponent not equal to the attack.
Obey the law of king, country, and chivalry.
Protect the innocent.
Respect life and freedom.
Respect those of the opposite sex.
Show respect to authority.

Who said the art of chivalry is dead?

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Ok First Post New Community [01 Dec 2003|08:08pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. I just know it's an era fact and fiction I'm obsessed with.This community would not be possible without thatdamngood 's help. You can post what you like about the period. Especially the weapons. Hehehe. But art, poetry, history, pics. Are also acceptable. Only thing I ask of my people is that they'd not slander flame or fight with others. Remember to have valour and to post with honor. That is all. Please enjoy.

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